Wild Media Entertainment (Vancouver/Toronto) produces premium film and television content for a global audience.

Feature Film Production

Wild Media Entertainment seeks to option, develop and exploit proprietary assets as either stand-alone features or as part of a slate structure. Wild Media is near completion on post-production for their feature: Project Ithaca, a sci-fi genre film to be distributed in part by Raven Banner Entertainment.

Television Production

As a creator and owner of premium television content, Wild Media Entertainment is well positioned to produce its material across traditional and emerging platforms. Wild Media has several properties in various stages of development, most notably METAL GIANTS, an animated boys action series in partnership with Teletoon Canada and Pipeline Studios.

Interactive Media

The ‘second-screen’ will play a key role in the development of Wild Media’s properties. Starting in the writer’s room and continuing through to production, innovative strategies will be embedded in the operational and creative processes to deliver an interactive 360 degree experience to the viewer.

Consumer Products

Wild Media Entertainment seeks to leverage its properties for lucrative ancillary markets in consumer products such as toys, books, video games and graphic novels.

Visual FX

Whether your project needs creative solutions or technical fixes, WildFX, led by Oscar and Emmy nominated industry veteran Jeff Bruneel, provides superior results at affordable rates for clients working in film, television and commercials.