The English Child - In Development

About the Author

The path taken to a chosen profession is not always a straight line. Frankie Drake Mysteries co-creator and executive producer Carol Hay may have started out working in television, but certainly not as a writer. She began her career as a broadcast executive before switching things up and then writing for years on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries. It’s there she shared an office with fellow Murdoch writer Michelle Ricci. The two women then came up with the story of a female private detective in the 1920s and the rest is history, as Frankie Drake came to life.

The English Child

The English Child is Carol Hay’s first novel. In it, recently widowed Rose arrives from England to her younger sister Esther’s lonely lakefront house. Here Rose’s daughter Sarah claims to see the ghost of a drowned girl and tries to rid the house of its supernatural occupant, driving a wedge between the sisters and leading them to the brink of death.

A taut psychological thriller, this Victorian ghost story set on the shores of Lake Huron near Goderich, Ontario, in 1897, features two strong female leads; like The Orphanage or The Others, it will be a thriller for the ages.

Production on The English Child will commence in Northern Ontario with Director Laurie Lynd (Killing Patient Zero, Schitt’s Creek, Murdoch Mysteries).