Wild Media Entertainment

Call for Screenplays (Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Horror, Mystery and/or Thriller)

Wild Media seeks screenplay submissions from experienced and qualified creators to consider for the development and production of feature length films.


Wild Media is a television and feature film production company, based in Toronto with an office in Vancouver. Wild Media aims to produce high quality content that is appealing to audiences around the world. Wild Media currently has a number of projects in development, including feature film, television and animation.  Wild Media theatrically released the live-action science-fiction feature Project Ithaca in 2019, which has since become available on DVD/Blu-ray and VOD in the US, Canada, Austria/Germany, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Australia, and Russia.


Feature screenplays should primarily target the following audience:

  • Primary: Young Adults, male and female, 18-24 years old.
  • Secondary: Men & Women, 25-45 years old.
  • Sci-fi, paranormal, mystery, thriller, horror genre fans.


Our goal is to produce low budget, theatrical quality genre films that will engage a global audience.


Creators should take note of similar properties to show an understanding of the demographic and also to confirm their property will stand out in the market.  Existing examples:

Screenplays are to be 85-110 pages and should demonstrate a high degree of originality, including clever use of limited locations and limited cast.  Wild Media is looking for screenplays in the following genres: sci-fi, paranormal, horror, mystery and/or thriller.  Wild Media is NOT looking for screenplays in the slasher/torture genre.


In addition to a screenplay, the applicant is expected to deliver a 2-4 page pitch document, which will include both a logline and synopsis.  Additionally, the pitch document may include the applicant’s approach to the material, including an overview of the tone, themes and brief character descriptions.  We welcome artwork if available.  For applicants without supporting artwork, we would encourage submitting a mood board that incorporates borrowed images to demonstrate the overall tone of the film.

If available, additional supporting materials is encouraged, including a financing and/or business plan, draft budget, attached talent such as a director and/or cast, as well as any funding that might be secured.


Step 1 – Email Brendan Murphy (contact information below) to obtain a Release Form. Complete and sign form, and return to Brendan.

Step 2 – Once your Release Form is confirmed and verified, you will receive an email stating so and that you can now send in your screenplay (PDF Format) & additional deliverables.



Screenplays will be evaluated based on:

  • How well the project aligns with our mandate.
  • How unique is the project? Will it stand out in the marketplace?
  • The extent to which we are excited or surprised by the content.
  • The extent to which elements of the concept or the personality of the characters move us.
  • The extent to which the pitch includes ideas that can engage audiences well beyond their initial viewing experience.
  • The quality and professionalism of the submission.
  • The totality of the submission.

We aim to reach out to applicants with a verdict on their screenplay as quickly as possible, but depending on how many screenplays we have in the pipeline this is not always a guarantee.




Brendan Murphy – Project Coordinator
365 Bay Street, St. 805
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2V1