The Stowaway


The year is 1996. Five years after the Romanian Revolution, people are still hungry, oppressed, and sickened by the way in which the country is run by Communist party cronies. Young Romanian men start leaving in droves, resorting to any means possible to reach America. Most often, this amounts to stealing away on a container ship.

The Dogs


The Dogs is an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller about a boy and his mother on the run from an allegedly violent husband and father. In his latest novel for teenagers, Canadian writer Allan Stratton constantly ramps up the tension and wrong-foots his readers, so that up to the final moment we are left wondering who and what to believe. It is dark, atmospheric and clever.

The English Child


What if Alice Munro wrote a period ghost story? The English Child is the answer: a Victorian ghost story set on the shores of Lake Huron near Goderich, Ontario, in 1897. A taut psychological thriller, The English Child features two strong female leads; like The Orphanage or The Others, it will be a thriller for the ages.

Adventure/Travel Series


Wild Media is developing an adventure/travel limited series hosted by George Kourounis of Angry Planet fame.

Food & Culture


Food & Culture is an unscripted limited series featuring renowned Canadian chef, Eric Pateman.


Project Ithaca


A group of strangers awaken aboard an alien spacecraft. Divided, they will die. Together, they will find a way home.

“Project Ithaca is the psychological thriller you didn’t know you needed.”


Visual Effects Studio


WildFX is a boutique visual effects studio that offers a range of digital VFX services for film, TV and commercials under the leadership of visual effects veteran Jeff Bruneel.

Wild Media Entertainment (Vancouver/Toronto) produces premium film and television content for a global audience.

Feature Film Production

Wild Media Entertainment seeks to option, develop and exploit proprietary assets as either stand-alone features or as part of a slate structure. In 2019, Wild Media completed its first feature film: Project Ithaca, a sci-fi genre film distributed in the US  (Saban Films) and Canada (Raven Banner Entertainment). Wild Media has a 2nd and 3rd feature film in the pipeline.

Television Production

Wild Media has several properties in various stages of development, most notably being an unscripted series tentatively titled Food & Culture with Vancouver based serial entrepreneur and Executive Chef Eric Pateman and a travel/adventure series hosted by extreme adventurer and explorer George Kourounis (Angry Planet) in conjunction with Los Angeles based GRB Productions.

Interactive Media

The ‘second-screen’ will play a key role in the development of Wild Media’s properties. Starting in the writer’s room and continuing through to production, innovative strategies will be embedded in the operational and creative processes to deliver an interactive 360 degree experience to the viewer.

Consumer Products

Wild Media Entertainment seeks to leverage its properties for lucrative ancillary markets in consumer products such as toys, books, video games and graphic novels.

Visual FX

Whether your project needs creative solutions or technical fixes, WildFX, led by Oscar and Emmy nominated industry veteran Jeff Bruneel, provides superior results at affordable rates for clients working in film, television and commercials.